iRest slimming belt massage belt B05

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iRest slimming belt massage belt B05


1. Take out the product and tie the product at the requiredpart. Adjust the tightness until feeling      comfort sense.
2. Press “POWER” button to connect the power supply and start the automatic mode of product. The work intensity will automatically circulate from strong to weak.And then press “MODE” button to adjust to the manual work mode. Press “INTENSITY” button to adjust to the required intensity. lf it is necessary to stop the product,just press "POWER" button.
3.Press“ HEAT" button to start or close heating function.
4.If the product is not used, turn off the product power, and separate the power adaptor from general power supply <Cut off the power supply to avoid the power damage due to long time connecting with the power>.


1. Power adaptor (24V 2.5A) 1 piece
2. Use instruction l copy
3. Prolonged belt 50cm 1 piece


By adopting LED microcomputer control, the strong shaking belt can directly act on the abdomen and back part, buttocks, thigh, calf and arm through new type double-direction motor vibration. The two powerful built-in motors will directly act on the human body from the surface to the deep grease with strong power of 12000 t/m (6000 cycles).Additionally, the thermal therapy function can help to dissolve fat, alleviate muscular pains, remove fatigue, improve blood circulation and speed up metabolism. By adopting latest LED microcomputer control panel, the control of speed and
vibration can be easily mastered and is clear at a glance.By using the strong shaking belt, body building is not a difficult thing any more. It let you do excises easily and keep you perfect curve!


* LED microcomputer control processor: Automatic adjustment and manual adjustment.
* Adopt 555 model motor to provide strong power.
* Heat treatment function.
* Special large-scope vibration methods, with rapid vibration at a speed of 200 t/s.

* Voltage: AC 220 V / 50 Hz
* Power: 60W
* Working current of belt: 2.5 A
* Adapter: IN AC 110 - 240 V / 50 Hz , OUT DC 24 V / 2.5 A
* Massage motor: 555 model DC 24 V 5000 r/m (idle)
* Heating wire: 1.2 m / 62 om


1.The product is allocated inside with a group of 555 model motor vibration device, with automatic
adjustment function and manual adjustment function.
2.Power button: Press“POWER" button to start the power supply, the product can enter into initial work condition <Automatic mode: Automatic speed change with four levels of intensity, automatic timing for 30 minutes>.At the time, the vibration disc will rotate.
3.Mode button: Press the button to select manual work mode and automatic work mode. The intensity level for automatic mode can be automatically adjusted.The intensity level for manual mode can be manually adjusted.

4.Intensity button: Under manual mode. press the button to set four levels of different work intensity.
5.Heat buttom: Press the button to Start or close heating function.