Bodycare leg and foot massager BC55 brown color

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Reduce the pressures of foot, reduce fatigue, improve the quality of sleep. 

Scrapping function

Use the Traditional Chinese Medicine’s scrapping value to massage the foot reflex zones deeper and wider, and stimulate the acupuncture points.

  Calf massage

 Massage the calf in the positive and negative direction to eliminate fatigue.

 Multi-shiatsu point

Flexible shiatsu and full range of foot massage,more simulation.


 First use of the massage chairs and air pressure technology, the intensity is soft, the feel is solid and the massage methods are more flexible. The intensity changes progressively and thus could be able to stimulate the acupuncture points better.

 6 kinds of intensity,5 kinds of programs and 30kinds of combinations

 Many kinds of program combinations, and thus you can choose the preferred intensity and programs to obtain the ideal massage effects.

 Size Selection 

Large: more than 40 yards, medium: 35-40 yards, small: less than 35 yards. 


The activated carbon cloth has the far infrared heat function, which is the ideal light spectrum recognized by the whole medical profession. The far infrared will produce the resonance and resonating with the deeper human cells, and then helps to reduce fatigue, accelerate the blood circulation, activate the cells, improve metabolism, and improve the immune. It can efficiently prevent and adjuvant treats some diseases caused by microcirculatory disturbance (e.g. cold, rheumatism, rheumatoid etc.) 


 Clean and healthy, and easy to clean.


 The massage range is very wide, from foot to calf, and then to the knee.

 Carton box dimension:520*530**515mm