Bodycare body massager C05

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C05 Body Massager

1. Power Speed Regulator

2. Hand Grip

3. Massage Head

4. Wave Cap

5. Roller Cap

6. Mesh Cover


Fitting of Mesh Cover, Wave Cap and Roller Cap

1. Mesh cover should be used with wave cap only, do not use mesh cover 

with the roller cap.

2. Mesh cover used in combination with wave cap is suitable for 

areas which may cause hair entanglement.

3. Do not use the roller cap in areas which may cause hair entanglement. 


1. Insert power plug into the wall socket of compatible power source

2. Turn the knob(Power and Speed Regulator) to start the massager

3. Turn the Power and Speed Regulator clockwise to adjust the speed 

form low ~ high, turn anti-clockwise to turn off the device.

4. After use, turn all switches to the "OFF" position and remove power plug 

from the wall socket.

5. Correct use of mesh cover to ensure hair protection