IPO M-100 Home Treadmill Mini Walk slim design smart speed control technology

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Main feture:

— the world's first treadmill without welding process,aluminum alloy body

— the world's thinnest treadmill with max ground height 7.8cm and min ground height         4.7cm

— the world's lightest treadmill.it weights 25kgs,only 1/4 of traditional treamdill

— Patent for body sensor to control speed technology, run as you like; 

— Intelligent power off system, anti - shock;
— Super - quiet motor, dual - turbine drive; 
— Super -double air cooling system;
— Patent for auto belt correction technology;
— Super shock absorption system, without any external equipment, natural shock               absorption; 
—High-density running board, refueling free
Product Description


Mini walk is a treadmill that small & smart,automatic & intelligent.

5 engineers spent over 1000 day & night to break through 100 technical difficulties,reaching remarkable results-2 invention patents,7 utility patents,2 appearance patents.

Mini walk is the first treadmill without welding process and the most thin treadmill in the world,

Minimum ground height 4.7cm & maxmum ground height 7.8cm.

It weights 25kg,which 1/4 of traditionaltreadmill.Its body length is 140cm,with running area 120cmX46cm,same as traditional ones.


With intelligent body sensor control technology,the speed of min walk can change into deceleration area.

uniform area & acceleration area.If add automatic handrail,min walk will add speed 2km/h automatically.

With Bipolar power driven technology,motor easily & powerfully works in small space. And double air cooling technology to cool it rapidly.Mini walk also has automatic belt correction technique,DIY smart accessories.

And super shock absorption to improve 42.7% than old machine.

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Packing size and space 

0.06㎡ is enough to keep it in a room.
Packing size:1450x670x120mm