EU safety baby rocking chair 0-3 baby Electric cradle rocking chair soothing the baby's artifact sleeps newborn sleeping cradle

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Product description

1, intelligent micro-motion induction, help your baby fall asleep quickly.

2, multi-function control panel, English and Chinese.

3, high landscape and Widened seat

4, four gear adjustment, give your baby more choices. ,

5. The seat rotates 360 degrees.

6, timing function, baby safety protection.

7, music features. Help your baby fall asleep quickly.

8, power mode, AC power supply, mobile power supply, battery powered.

9, packaging size, 78 * 75 * 5020190409_193902_00120190409_193902_00220190409_193902_00320190409_193902_00420190409_193902_00520190409_193902_00620190409_193902_00720190409_193902_00820190409_193902_00920190409_193902_01020190409_193902_01120190409_193902_01220190409_193902_013